It’s that time again, time where the kids are at home and school’s closed for holidays. Well, I’ve got some great ideas for you!

Here are some indoor activities that you can do at home with your child.

1. Build a car

If you’ve got some large boxes lying around you can build a car by painting paper plates and adding them as wheels and the steering wheel. Get creative with your paints, markers and glitter!

2. Pirate Ship

You will need an Ironing Board, an empty paper towel tube for telescope and any decorations to make the kids feel like pirates. Kids need to make sure to stay on the pirate ship which is the ironing board (FOLDED ON THE FLOOR!) and if they step off they will lose and they will be taken by the sharks. Kids love it!

3. Pizza Face

Roll out the pizza dough and then decorate it with the veggies, and other toppings to create wacky faces! You can do Dora or Spongebob too! Children are more likely to eat food that they’ve made so it’s a great activity and a great way to get lunch sorted too!

4. Growing Hair

You’ll need a plastic cup, a picture of your child’s face only, dirt and chia seeds. Cut out your child’s face and glue or tape it around the cup. Plant the chia seeds and watch the green hair grow!

5. Painting with marbles

If you’ve got an extra large plastic tub tape some paper securely to the bottom of the bin. Squirt some finger paint in 3 or 4 areas of the paper and ask your child how many marbles they want in the tub. Drop the marbles in the tub and depending on you and your child, you can either leave the plastic lid on or off and have the child roll the marbles around in the tub. Hang up the abstract art!

6. Rain Painting

You will need food coloring, a paper plate and rain. Add some food coloring on to a paper plate and then set it outside in the rain. Or you can go out in the rain with a rain jacket to watch the colors bleed into each other. The heavier the rain the better!

7. Home Made Lava Lamp

You’ll need a Water bottle, cooking oil, water, food coloring and a fizzing tablet like Alka Seltzer. Fill the bottle about half way with oil. Add water leaving about one inch of space from the top. Add ten drops of food coloring. After the food coloring mixes with the water, add 1/4 tablet of Alka Seltzer to the bottle. The Alka Seltzer will cause the colored water to bubble up through the oil like a lava lamp, but without the heat!

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