I once was told art is a way of showing off to other people (okay, it was my husband, when we were out with friends. He was focused on the fact that people don’t care enough about the environment). This statement never felt right to me. When I felt inspired to create art, I generally felt deeply moved and wanted to express it, usually showing off was the last thing on my mind.

Art as a medium though, is about other people looking at it; their reaction and interpretation, so my husband had a point. It made me think about people viewed drawing and art.

  • Many people wish they could draw. Grass is greener, eh? I’ve always wished I could be funny.
  • People view art as esoteric and to be viewed with respect. I blame museums for this.
  • Infographics, photos and illustrations are looked at and shared more on social media than text or links.
  • We seem to be naturally drawn (umm, not punny at all) to visual media: Book covers, magazines, websites, bumper stickers etc. use this fact to get people to make money and raise awareness.

Art is both extremely personal and very social.

Recently I’ve been thinking about this, about how before photography, a painting was the only way to show other country, another way of life and another person’s likeness. How art in the traditional sense is not consumed as much as pop art these days (such as my own). How too many people think that art and artists are creative and that they (the masses) aren’t. I also thought about what makes art so vital that people have been creating art since we lived in caves.

Here’s my answer. To me art is all about Communication. Art is a visceral way of communicating to others. Similar to music, art can evoke very emotional reactions in people. It polarizes them. Art is similar to humour, as seeing a humorous cartoon, changes our brain patterns.

As an artist, I believe that when I become inspired to create something. The inspiration resonates with something deep inside of me, something that may resonate in all humans; it reaches far beyond me. Art is about expressing the infinite universe so that other people can feel that expression. Why does this all matter? Because connecting and communicating with others makes life worth living and it can change the world. Maybe it could even get us to care about the environment.


Lakshmi Gosyne is an author, illustrator, web designer and teacher. She worked as a preschool and primary school teacher for 16 years and a Graphic Designer for 4 years before writing two yoga story books: Jungle Walk: A Yoga Story for Kids and Waiting for Dad: A Yoga Story for Kids. You can find out more at www.lakshmigosyne.com