I love to read. If you let me, I would  read at least 5 books a day. I tend to gravitate toward self help books, but anything with an interesting concept will do it for me. I have read science books to romance novels. The only books I tend to shy away from is horror. Not that it is a bad genre, but, I once dreamed there were velociraptors in my closet after reading Jurrassic Park and that was just from reading the ending.

buyologyI have just read Martin Lindstrom‘s book “Buyology”. This is the type of book that suits my interests perfectly. I mean, don’t you want to know what makes you plunk down your credit card? The book’s research promises to reveal the real reason you buy as they conduct scientific studies using MRI scans of the subjects brains. Science and addiction? Sold.

Style of writing
I feel that the style was easy to read. He was reminiscent of Malcolm Gladwell, but different enough to be differentiated. He gave anecdotes and reasons. (I have to admit the experiments were my favourite part so I skimmed the forethought and got right to the “best part”).

Pros and Cons
Some of what he said was surprising and interesting, and I hope that Coca Cola paid him some money for the free advertising. The hardest hitting and most interesting findings were at the beginning of the book.

I did find I was skimming parts of the book to get to the “good stuff” and I was quite surprised when the book ended.

I don’t want to reveal too much in case you decide to read this. Just a few things I guess. Lindstrom reveals:

1. Why smokers are even more addicted than ever. (even with the “smoking kills” written on the package)

2. Why certain brands are akin to religion. (we bow to you oh holy ipod)

3. Subliminal advertising. Does it work? (yes!)

4. Does sex in advertising sell the product? (no!)

5. Why even though Pepsi tastes better, you’d still choose Coke every time.

All in all a good read. Enjoy!


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