I was first introduced to Janice Marriott when I was taking my Writing for Children’s course. Working for children as long as I had, I was always interested in how stories, especially picture books had the power to hold children’s attention. One of my courses for my Masters in Education sparked the interest in becoming an author again, and I took this course to see if I was “any good” and of course to learn new writing skills.

I was so lucky to have Janice as a mentor, she was full of praise for my strengths, firm but gentle with my mistakes and made me feel like ‘I could do this!’ I could write for a living. She’s a generous spirit and a hard working individual. Here’s a bit more about Janice.

First Break

Learning Media produces educational material for children across New Zealand and some very famous New Zealand children’s authors got their first break writing for the publishing company. Her first children’s book was published in 1989 by Puffin Books. It features the main character, Henry and his pen pal Lesley and their letters to each other. It’s an excellent first book which gives you a glimpse of both Janice’s powerful letter writing and her sense of humour.

My favourite books by Janice Marriott

Although Janice has written on a wide variety of books, I enjoyed Monstrosity a lot. It is great for young boys and is filled with truly funny moments. Janice has impeccable comedic timing in her books but it shines brilliantly in this particular book.

Her latest work

Right now she has collaborated with another author for the Book Common Ground a sequel of the book Common Table. I haven’t read either book yet! But,  there has been some great feedback on Good Reads. This isn’t a children’s book, but it does showcase Janice’s letter writing and humour.

A Bit More…

Janice has won a number of awards and accolades for her writing. I know that sounds very dry, but there are so many it would be just as long as this entire post! She writes for children, but also worked as a columnist for the New Zealand Herald and even wrote for television. She has done many jobs, including librarian, audio producer, teacher and trainer. She is a keen gardener and is very knowledgeable about gardens and plants. She used to live in Wellington, New Zealand, but has recently moved to Auckland. You can visit her website here: http://www.janicemarriott.com/