Age Group: 10+

Covers: Business, Environment, Global Trading

I came across this online game from National Geographic Education. It allows you to create a character and looks at where in the world your clothing was created. It then allows you to make 1) A pair of jeans or 2) and MP3 player for your company. However, each decision has both good points and bad points and you earn “badges” accordingly.


What I like about this game:

I like that it makes children think about where the items they buy are coming from. You also are aware of the decisions entrepreneurs make about their business. You can also understand why more ethical choices in product design and manufacturing can lead to higher consumer prices.


What I think could improve:

I’d like to see more items added such as food and other items that a family can buy which I’m sure they will over time.


It’s free to play. Have a look at National Geographic Education.